Welcome to the OCIA Blog

The Ohio Construction Information Association is happy to announce the launch of our new blog. Over the years OCIA has become a valuable resource for contractors, legislators and Ohio residents – virtually anyone concerned about restoring and improving our highways, streets, bridges, and utilities. Keeping you informed has always been our goal and the new OCIA blog will help us do that faster than ever before.

We look forward to bringing you up-to-date information about Ohio’s infrastructure – the opportunities and initiatives that affect our state, your town, and ultimately you personally. Look for articles from Infrastructure Insight, our quarterly newsletter that’s been educating the public, government officials and the media about critical transportation and utility issues for more than 20 years. Fact-filled and straightforward as ever, Infrastructure Insight articles will now be published right here – still “black, white and ‘read’ all over”. You’ll also find digests of important stories drawn from the Ohio news media along with analysis and comment from transportation infrastructure organizations throughout the country.

We pledge to make this blog lively, information-rich and a good read that is worthy of your time. We invite you to join us and hope the OCIA blog becomes a scheduled visit during your busy week. Enjoy!

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