Highway Trust Fund secure through July

Congress voted in late May to extend Federal highway and transit program funding for another two months.  Safe through July 2015!  As Pete Ruane, President of the American Road & Transportation Builders Association (ARTBA), noted: “The good news is that Congress didn’t punt on the program for the rest of the year, putting the 2016 construction season in jeopardy.”  Nevertheless, the two-month fix is another in a long series of short term funding extensions. So where do we go from here?

Congress is no doubt sincere about finding a viable revenue solution that will fund America’s transportation infrastructure for the long term.  Many alternatives are under consideration. And everyone – business and citizens as well as the legislators themselves – hopes that Congress will succeed before the extension expires. We have much at stake and we’ll see what happens by late July. Between now and then, it is worth remembering that, throughout America’s history, our greatest leaders always took action whenever the country needed to get something important done. Our greatest leaders didn’t punt!

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