It’s Time to give Ohio’s Highway Infrastructure the Support it deserves!

The Ohio Construction Information Association has just released an informative new video that offers some clear thinking about the gas tax in Ohio – how it’s collected, what it does, and why it’s time for an adjustment.  The story is candid, complete and guaranteed to be 4 minutes very well spent.

Basically, every transaction at the pump helps keep Ohio’s highway infrastructure healthy. While a portion of every sale pays the gasoline producers and retailers, the state and federal taxes on each gallon mainly support highway construction, maintenance and improvement.  The gas tax is a true user fee that has served Ohio – and the entire country – well for many years. But times change and the future viability of Ohio’s highway infrastructure is now in jeopardy.

Our roads and bridges are getting old and, with highway usage increasing, each year adds more wear and tear.  Restoration or replacement has become a necessity.  At the same time, the revenues needed to repair and replace are shrinking.  Between motor fuel tax rates that haven’t been adjusted for many years and inflation’s effect on the buying power of every dollar, the funds needed to maintain a strong highway system simply aren’t available.  And with less gasoline purchased because of fuel efficient engines, hybrids, and alternative fuels, the situation will only get worse.

As a result, many important construction and maintenance projects have already been pushed back, some for decades.  For a state with the seventh largest highway network in the country, this situation cannot stand.  The video’s closing statement says it best: Ohio’s highway system is the single biggest equity that taxpayers own. It’s time we demand it receives the support it deserves!

Take a few minutes to watch the Gas Tax in Ohio video on YouTube. You’ll be very glad you did!

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