ODOT invests $2.3 billion in Ohio roads and bridges

2017 will be a near-record construction season for Ohio – for the second year in a row! The Ohio Department of Transportation will invest $2.3 billion in roads and bridges across the state, nearly surpassing the $2.4 billion investments made in 2014 and 2015.

The construction season will include 1,098 projects with 26 considered Major Projects valued at more than $10 million each. Throughout the year, construction workers will pave 6,945 miles of roadway and repair or replace 1,281 bridges.

In keeping with ODOT’s plan for “Taking Care of What We Have”, 93% of the year’s construction investment is dedicated to preserving the existing transportation system while 7% is allocated toward enhancing capacity.

ODOT is also focused squarely on safety with 191 projects planned to make Ohio roadways safer. Safety is always a priority and becomes even more important as traffic deaths trend upward in the state.

ODOT’s effort helps Ohio continue to strive for excellence in its transportation infrastructure. A safe, well-maintained and uncongested system of highways and bridges is something that every resident and visitor traveling through Ohio should be able to count on.

Read the full text of ODOT’s news release, ODOT kicks off another near-record year of construction”.

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