Ohio has 2,462 ‘structurally deficient’ bridges, engineers group says.

by Evan Weese Business First

The country’s infrastructure hasn’t improved much since 2009, garnering a D+ rating from the American Society of Civil Engineers this year after being awarded a D rating four years earlier, the Cincinnati Business Courier reports.

“It’s a sad reality that little has changed since the last report card in 2009,” James Corless, director of Transportation For America, said in a press release. “Has anything in Washington changed to drastically improve the condition of our roads, bridges and transit systems in the four years since?”

Ohio was given a C- grade in the latest infrastructure report card, as well as in 2009. That places Ohio ahead of the national average, although the state has 2,462 structurally deficient bridges and about 42 percent of its roadways are “poor” or “mediocre” in quality.

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