Ohio Roads & Bridges – Current Conditions

Ohio Bridge copyOhio is home to the 2nd largest inventory of bridges, 3rd largest commercial freight payload and the 4th largest interstate highway system in the nation. With nearly 122,000 road miles, more than 43,000 bridges, and Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT) exceeding 112 billion miles annually, Ohio has a huge transportation infrastructure subject to continuous wear and tear. The impact on road and bridge conditions – and safety – is immense.

1,110 Traffic Fatalities in Ohio in 2015

Ohio RoadsA total of 5,246 people lost their lives as a result of motor vehicle crashes in Ohio from 2011 through 2015, an average of 1,049 fatalities per year. In 2013, the fatality rate on Ohio’s non-Interstate rural roads was more than three times higher than the fatality rate on all other roads and highways in the state. Industry estimates suggest that roadway features are a contributing factor in approximately one-third of fatal traffic crashes. Appropriate improvements can reduce crashes and highway fatalities while improving traffic flow and helping to relieve congestion.

Traffic Congestion costs time and money

Traffic CongestionTraffic congestion causes significant delays in Ohio, especially in the larger urban areas, affecting both commuters and commerce. Congestion also adds significant costs to consumers, transportation companies, manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers and can reduce the attractiveness of a location for companies considering expansion or a new facility.

The current condition of Ohio’s massive transportation infrastructure clearly points to the need for more highway funding. Additional revenues will help Ohio rehabilitate or replace aging roads and bridges, help reduce vehicle crashes and highway fatalities, and provide for the system expansion needed to relieve traffic congestion.

Once again, the question is: How can we make these necessary improvements happen? Check out Ohio Highway Funding – Paying Our Way to learn more!

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