Ohio voters support Transportation Investment!

2017 Transportation Investment Ballot Measure Results

2017 Transportation Investment Ballot Measure Results

Voters in 20 states demonstrated overwhelming approval for transportation investment in the November 7th elections. An analysis by the American Road & Transportation Builders Association (ARTBA) and the Transportation Investment Advocacy Center (TIAC) indicates that voters approved 176 of 215 transportation investment ballot measures, primarily at the local level. That’s a whopping 82% passage rate! The approved measures will support $2.9 billion in new transportation investment revenue and $1.3 billion in continued funding through tax extension or renewals.

More than 100 ballot initiatives passed in Ohio

More than two-thirds of the ballot initiatives tracked by ARTBA-TIAC occurred in Ohio and Michigan. Most were property tax measures to renew local funding for roads, streets, and bridges. Of the 128 initiatives that appeared on Ohio’s election ballot, 105 or 82% passed for a total value of $24.04 million. Nearly all of the approved measures were for property tax increases.

Table 1: Ohio Ballot Measures, 2017 General Election

Type of Measure

 Measures Introduced

Measures Approved

Gasoline Tax


Sales/Income Tax





Property Tax








Source: Transportation Investment Advocacy Center

The decisions made in the 2017 general election are important for Ohio. When it comes to road and bridge funding, local communities depend heavily on federal and state motor fuel tax revenues. Generating adequate additional transportation funding at the local level is often a challenge. Voter support for increases in property tax and, in some communities, local income tax clearly shows that Ohioans care deeply about the quality, safety and condition of their roads and bridges. Way to go, Ohio!

You can check out individual State Summaries or read the full 2017 Analysis at the Transportation Investment Advocacy Center website.

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