Ohio’s Transportation Infrastructure Basics

OCIA Backhoe

Basic Facts about Ohio Roads and Bridges

Nearly 12 million people now call Ohio home.  We are a thriving, mobile population that travels across town and throughout the state for work, shopping and recreation.  And while Ohio’s land mass ranks 34th in the U.S., our transportation infrastructure is among the largest in the country.  We rely on an extensive network of interstate highways, roads and bridges to move people and goods from one destination to the next.  Between passenger vehicles and common carrier shipments, we put a lot of miles on Ohio’s pavement!


  Ohio Transportation Infrastructure   Ohio Rank
  123,192 miles of public road   7
  27,403 bridges   2
  112 billion Vehicle Miles Traveled annually   5
  $563 billion in annual freight shipments   4
Source: RITA/Bureau of Transportation Statistics


Ohio’s transportation infrastructure contributes greatly to our quality of life and our economic growth.  Our roads and bridges certainly deserve the best care we can give.

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