A Sensible Way to improve Ohio Highway Funding

The future condition of Ohio’s infrastructure is important business. The subject should concern every citizen who relies on our roads and bridges for daily commuting, shopping and recreation. Ultimately, the goal is to have a sustainable method of highway funding that Ohio can count on for the long term. But whether the best solution involves a single funding method or a combination of different mechanisms, now is the time to determine how Ohio will pay its way for a first rate transportation system that will meet today’s needs – and tomorrow’s.

Important goals for Ohio Highway Funding

AnnualDistributionofmotorfuelTaxWhen considering ways to increase Ohio’s transportation funding, several important goals come to mind. A viable funding solution will:

  • Recognize the capital needs of local communities
  • Generate enough revenue to seriously address funding shortfalls
  • Cause no “pain at the pump”
  • Provide highway funding that Ohioans can count on for the long term

Consider this scenario: A $0.05 annual increase in the Ohio Motor Fuel Tax for 3 years that would be distributed to provide extra funding to local communities on the front end.

TotalNewRevenue3yearsA 15-cent motor fuel tax increase phased in as described would generate approximately $2 billion over the first 3 years and $960 million annually in subsequent years. The 15¢ increase would cost the average vehicle owner approximately $112 per year – only about $2 per week!


With $5.6 billion in ODOT Major Projects currently unfunded and extensive capital needs for local projects throughout the state, $2 billion of additional revenue in the short term would provide a welcome boost. And just as important, an extra $960 million per year would help create a sustainable method of funding Ohio’s roads and bridges well into the 21st century.

Learn More About It!

To learn more about highway funding in Ohio and how transportation revenues are used, spend a few minutes with Ohio Highway Funding – Paying Our Way. Time well spent for sure!


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