Supporting Gas Tax doesn’t hurt legislators’ bid for reelection

tiacA final observation from the November 2017 general elections may bode well for highway funding in the future. New Jersey voters showed their support for transportation funding by reelecting lawmakers who backed the state’s 2016 gas tax increase. ARTBA-TIAC tracked the New Jersey state legislative elections as lawmakers faced voters for the first time since approving the state’s gas tax increase in October 2016.

In this year’s November election, 100% of 61 New Jersey legislators who voted for the gas tax increase in 2016 – and ran for reelection – won their seats. The results compare to 97% of 36 lawmakers who won reelection after voting against the gas tax increase.

The findings corroborate an earlier ARTBA-TIAC report that found voting for a state gas tax increase does not hurt reelection chances. The 2016 report tracked more than 2,500 state legislators from 16 states who voted to increase gas taxes for transportation funding. The analysis found that 91% of the lawmakers were returned to office in the next general election. This included 89% of Democratic legislators and 95% Republican. The reelection rates are similar among lawmakers who voted against raising gas taxes.

You can read the complete 2016 election analysis in the ARTBA-TIAC Report document.


The American Journal of Transportation

American Road and Transportation Builders Association

Transportation Investment Advocacy Center

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