TCC Calls for Permanent Highway Trust Fund Fix in Tax Reform

ARTBA Washington NewslineThe Transportation Construction Coalition (TCC) has urged members of the House Highways & Transit Subcommittee to permanently stabilize and grow the Highway Trust Fund (HTF) revenue stream as part of any package to reform the U.S. tax code.

Testifying on behalf of the TCC on October 11, Granite Construction President and CEO Jim Roberts told subcommittee members that, while the gas tax is the simplest and most efficient revenue solution to grow federal surface transportation investment, all options should be on the table.

“Stabilizing the Highway Trust Fund in tax reform would provide a foundation and platform for a broad-based, transformative infrastructure package,” Roberts said.

The subcommittee hearing was focused on the role of highways and transit in building a 21st Century infrastructure network.

Read the full article at ARTBA’s Washington Newsline along with the complete text of Mr. Roberts’ testimony.

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