Thoughts We Shared on HB 35’s CMGC, Force Account & CAT Revenue

Ohio Contractors Association President Chris Runyan comments on the OCA’s testimony to Ohio legislators regarding the HB 35: the ODOT Budget Bill.

Every other year, the state legislature grapples with ODOT’s two-year budget.  From mid-February to late-March is budget time, so OCA closely watches and comments on issues that arise during this process. This year was no exception, as we took advantage of the comment opportunity, just as we do every budget cycle, to publically address those topics contained in the draft language that we agree or disagree with, or just want to express an opinion on. Following is the testimony that was presented to the House and Senate. While this does not address every matter contained in the bill – and we are not given time to touch on every topic – it does highlight several issues that OCA wished to emphasize.

Read the full text of Mr. Runyan’s article here.

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