Transportation Construction – Major Ohio Employer

13064 OCIA Infrastructure brochure (IMPACT) CoverTransportation is a major driver of the nation’s economy, employing millions of workers, moving people and goods 24/7, generating revenue and utilizing the resources and services provided by other industries. Transportation impacts the life of every American on a daily basis. There is no better place to witness the impact of transportation at work than right here in Ohio.

Let’s take a look at employment. In Ohio, the design, construction and maintenance of transportation infrastructure supports the equivalent of 109,349 jobs, ranking the state 7th in the nation for transportation construction employment. Approximately 54,500 of these jobs are directly involved in transportation construction. They are full-time positions paying an average salary of $49,459.  The remainder includes approximately 54,800 jobs sustained by transportation design and construction industry spending throughout the state. Collectively these employees earn an annual payroll of $4.2 billion and contribute $365 million in state and federal payroll tax revenue.

Additionally, more than 2 million full-time jobs in key Ohio industries such as manufacturing, agriculture, retail sales and tourism are dependent on the work done by the transportation construction industry. None of these industries – as well as many others – could function efficiently without a reliable highway network connecting communities within Ohio and throughout the nation.

Transportation construction is indeed a major employer in Ohio. And the roads and bridges built by the construction industry are relied upon by all. Keeping them in the best shape possible is just common sense.

Check out our “Driving the Economy!” brochure to learn more about the impact of transportation in Ohio.

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