U.S. Interstate Highway System celebrates 60th Anniversary!

FHWA Interstate 60thOn June 29, 1956, President Dwight D. Eisenhower approved the Federal Aid Highway Act of 1956 which authorized construction of the U.S. Interstate Highway System. Today the Interstate network extends for 47,662 miles, linking communities throughout the United States and providing reliable passage for motorists traveling across town or across the country. This complex highway network is also the backbone of America’s commercial transportation system. Companies in every industry depend on the Interstates for timely shipment of everything from bulk commodities and machinery to thousands of items that line our grocery store shelves.

The Interstates play a very big role in Ohio’s transportation network as well. In fact, we have one of the largest Interstate highway systems in the nation. And because Ohio is a single day’s drive from 60% of the population of the United States and Canada, those highways get lots of use!

  • Ohio has 4th largest Interstate system in the nation with 1,574 centerline miles and more than 8,000 lane miles
  • Three of the longest Interstate routes in the country travel through Ohio – I-90, I-80 and I-70
  • Ohio maintains 21 Interstate routes overall, the 5th highest total in the nation
  • Ohio ships more than $438 billion in goods by truck annually– the 3rd largest freight payload of any state

As the search for sustainable highway funding continues in both Washington, DC and statehouses throughout the country, it is appropriate to reflect on the history and the future of the nation’s Interstate Highway System. The 60th Anniversary of one of America’s greatest accomplishments is most certainly an occasion worthy of recognition.

You can learn more about the Interstate’s 60th in the June 29th issue of the Washington Post.

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